Doula Services

**Rebecca is preparing for the arrival of her fifth child and is not currently attending births.**


Rebecca is certified as a doula through DONA International.  She has been attending births since 2002, supporting women in hospital, birth center, and home birth experiences.  Her goal in supporting women and their families through the incredible experience of birth is to help each family have a positive, empowering experience.  Just as no woman is the same, no birth experience is the same.  Rebecca works to help each woman find her own meaning of a positive birth.

Doula services include 1-2 prenatal interviews, phone support throughout pregnancy, 24 hour on call support for 3 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date, continuous labor support, help with breastfeeding, 1-2 postpartum visits, and a written keepsake birth story.  The fee* for these services is $450.  Rebecca will rarely take more than one client at a time so that she may give her full attention to each family she works with.  Please contact Rebecca for further information regarding her availability.


*Fees have been carefully decided upon based on the great deal of time and energy Rebecca gives to each client, as well as the time and financial cost of becoming trained and remaining certified.  Please read here and here for more information on a doula’s fee.  However, if finances are a concern, please contact Rebecca to discuss your options.  Rebecca is willing to arrange payment plans or possibly barter services for those who need this option, or will refer you to newly trained doulas who are able to work at a reduced cost as they gain experience.  No woman will be denied the opportunity to have a doula because of cost.

Kind words about Rebecca’s doula services:

There’s something special about you Rebecca!  I don’t think any other doula could compare.  Your help with my daughter’s birth was such a turning point for me in my life.  I treasure that sweet experience with you.

Thank you again.
Julianne (Provo, Utah)

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