Childbirth Classes

**Rebecca is preparing for the arrival of her fifth child and is not currently teaching classes.**


Rebecca is a certified childbirth educator through ICEA.  Her classes are designed around her belief that families should have the freedom to make their own choices based on their knowledge of all alternatives.  She has had experience with many childbirth methods, including Birthing From Within, HypnoBirthing & HypnoBabies, Bradley, and Lamaze.  She has found that every method has many helpful elements, and that each woman finds different skills helpful in labor.  This is why she has combined a variety of methods to give students information regarding all their options.

Whether you are planning a medicated or unmedicated birth, at a hospital, birth center, or at home, these classes will provide you with essential information for your childbirth experience.

The class fee is $155 per couple, which includes all class materials; a book about birth; and a DVD about caring for your newborn.  The class fee is $155 per couple, which includes all class materials and a book about labor and birth.  Please contact Rebecca for more information.

Classes will cover the following information, as well as much more!

Class  Content:

1) You have a choice (making informed decisions based on knowledge of
alternatives); Nutrition in Pregnancy; Essential Exercises for
Pregnancy; Common Pregnancy Troubles & Helps; Birth Affirmations;
Working Through Fears; Birth Belief Inventory

2) Normal Labor & Birth Pattern; Stages of Labor; Physical &
Emotional Changes for Mother & Partner; Am I In Labor?; Small Goals in
Labor; Gentle Pushing

3) Pros & Cons of Routine Hospital Interventions; Questions to Ask
About Medical Procedures; Birth Plans/Birth Options; Back Labor; How
to Handle the Unexpected; Labor Induction; Pain Medication/Epidurals;
Cesarean Sections; VBAC’s; Routine Newborn Procedures

4) Comfort Measures for Labor; Ways to make labor easier and faster; Doulas; Birth Bag

5) Breastfeeding-The Best Start, Help for Problems; Postpartum-Preparing for the Postpartum Period, Postpartum Depression, Natural Healing After the Birth; Diapering, Attachment Parenting, Early Parenting Suggestions, Help for Fussy Babies; Birth Stories; Practice & Review

Please contact Rebecca for more information.

Kind words about Rebecca’s classes:

Thank you so much for helping to relieve some of my anxiety, answering our questions, and helping us be as prepared as we could be for the amazing journey!

Gabriella (Arlington, VA)

Thank you.  You have shed a lot of light on things that I did not know I could request.

Shunnell (Silver Spring, MD)

We want to thank you again for the wonderful classes.  Labor was just an unbelievable experience; I see now why it is so hard for anyone to tell you what it is like…but we had some good ideas from your classes!  I suppose we could have done this without you, but not anywhere near as well or confidently.  Thank you again for all of your support, warmth, and bountiful experience!

Valerie & Victor (Silver Spring, MD)

I just wanted to thank you for all that you taught us about childbirth. Knowing what we did allowed us to make informed decisions for all of the interventions that were presented to us (pitocin, c-section, and epidural), and in the end we ended up having exactly the birth experience we had hoped for – completely natural!

I wish you were still in the area so that I could recommend you to everyone I know, but I am sure that the women in Utah need you too!

Thank you!
Kelissa (Silver Spring, MD)

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